Beginning August 30th, 2021, we will  offer 2 online Bible courses, free of charge. The first one is our "Foundations of The Faith" class. This course is designed for new Christian converts, or believers who have a limited knowledge of Scripture. Our second course is " Kingdom Harvesters" class. This course is designed for students who are more knowledgeable of The Word of God, and have a desire to increase their spiritual understanding, growth, and  who desire to become more effective servants for  the kingdom of God.

     These classes have been designed by, and will be taught, primarily, by Sandra Thomas Brown, who has been a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel for more than thirty years (although, there will be input, video lectures, etc. from other ministers of the gospel, occasionally). She holds a B.A. in Religion from Luther Rice Seminary and University ( now Luther Rice College and Seminary), an accredited, reputable Southern Baptist Bible Institution, which has notable alumni/graduates, such as Dr. Charles Stanley, John Ankerberg, and  many others. Although some elements of these classes will be taught from a Full Gospel/Pentecostal perspective, the majority will be taught from a "conservative-moderate" perspective ( in some instances), doctrinally, and ALL from a mainline/mainstream theological standpoint... This ministry has NO affiliation with any educational accrediting association. However, we believe that these courses can be of help to all serious Bible students, with and without callings to full-time ministry;  and can even be clarifying as to how the Lord wants to use all, with or without any formal, seminary training/Bible college training.

     The lessons in these courses have been structured by weeks, but for the student to have the ability to work at his or her own pace, and on his or her own schedule. All lessons for a week will be posted by 12 noon each Monday. If there is to be a submission of course work from the student in a week, the submission needs to be received NO LATER THAN 12 Noon on the following Monday, for credit. If a student completes ALL of the submissions required, this ministry will issue to him or her a Certificate of Completion in July. To be eligible for this, you will need to register. To determine which course is better for you, please take the "Entrance Quiz" It will help you to assess your own level of Bible knowledge and understanding.[ We strongly suggest that you take "Foundations of The Faith" if your score is below 72 on this quiz, and "Kingdom Harvesters" if your score is  72 and above]. This is all being done on the honor system; so it will require you to be honest with yourself about where you are, spiritually. We are all forever in a learning and growth process; so there is no shame in admitting that you do not know  quite as much as you thought , maybe, about God's Word, and need to take a foundational course for now. The "Kingdom Harvesters" class builds on the "Foundations of The Faith" course; so you can always take the KH class in August 30th ( when it restarts) if you don't take it now.... On  to  the "Entrance Quiz" for your self-evaluation; and don't stress about it! 


Sandra T. Brown 





       Foundations of The Faith is a 15-week, online course designed to aid new Christian converts, and/or those who have a limited knowledge of The Word of God , in acquiring an understanding of New Testament doctrines, fundamental Bible truths, and how to apply that knowledge to their lives. Such knowledge will give students a better understanding of the meaning of true Christian discipleship, and the means by which to experience God’s transformative power.


           The purpose of the Kingdom Harvesters’ class is to help more spiritually mature and knowledgeable Christians gain a deeper understanding of Bible truths, and to aid them in becoming more effective witnesses and servants for the kingdom of God.