(Foundations of the Faith)

Welcome to week 8 class!

Learning Objective:

For the student-disciple to gain the understanding that true Christians are expected to, and MUST, bring [good] fruit “ to perfection [ or maturity]”

-Things to do on this week:

-Review the answers to questions for Week 7.

-Study this week’s definitions.

-Reading Assignment: Matthew 7:13-23; Luke 8:5-15; John 15:1-8; Galatians 5:13-26; James, ch.1

-Watch this week’s video: “ The Fruit of The Spirit” [Note: I believe that I accidentally or mistakenly said in the lecture , out of fatigue, that “love” comes from

 the Greek “chara”, when it should have been “agape”. My apologies.

-Review the lesson’s summary.

Answer this week’s questions; and submit the answers by 12 Noon, EDT on Monday, May 17th, 2021.


Sandra Thomas Brown


1 Love/Charity: “Agape”- “ charity”/ “charitableness”; “dear, affection, good will, benevolence, brotherly love”

2 Joy: “Chara”- “gladness of heart”, “delight”

3 Peace: “ Eirene”- “ A state of national tranquility”; “exemption from rage and havoc”; “security, safety, prosperity, felicity”; “ in the soul, fearing nothing from God” [regarding His wrath for wrongdoing]

4 Long-Suffering: “ Makrothmeiya”- “ patience, endurance, constancy, perseverance, forbearance”

5 Gentleness: “ Chrestotes”- “ moral goodness, integrity, kindness”

6 Goodness: “ Agathosyne”- “uprightness of heart and life, kindness”

7 Faith/ Faithfulness: “ Pistis”- “ conviction of truth of anything”; “ belief”;

   Secondary meaning: “assurance”, “ guarantee”

8 Meekness: “ Praotes”; “ mildness”[ or mild-manneredness]; “gentleness”

9 Temperance: “Egkrateia”-strength”; “ self-control”; “ ability to master desires, passions, and sensual appetites”

Summary of the Lesson

Jesus taught that a tree is known by the fruit that it produces ( See Matthew 7).In The Letter of James, the question is asked “ Can a fountain bring forth [both] sweet water and bitter”? or “ Can a fig tree bring forth olives”( See James 3:11-12)? The answer to these questions is obviously, “No”. Fruit is the outgrowth of something that has been planted. It is the evidence and finished product of what is at a tree’s roots. As Jesus said, “ A good tree cannot bring forth corrupt fruit; and a corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit”( See Matthew 7:).

There will be people who say at the Judgment Seat of Christ, “ Did not we prophesy” or “ Did not we cast out devils in your name , Lord”?; and Christ is going to say to them, “ Depart from Me, ye who work iniquity. I never [ truly] KNEW you” ( See Matthew 7;19-23). In John 15, Jesus also said that some people , who have not borne good fruit, will be gathered up and cast into the fire( See John 15:1-6).[ In 1 Corinthians , chapter 3, Paul speaks of some people having their “works” only, which were not good, destroyed; but in Matthew 7, Luke 8, and John 15, Jesus makes clear to us that , in some cases, it isn’t JUST the works or “fruit” that will be destroyed; but there are those who will forfeit salvation, altogether, for either producing and bringing to maturity “NO FRUIT” at all, or mainly “corrupt” or “evil fruit”].This is very serious stuff.

We must bear some good , mature fruit as Christians ( minimally "30-fold”) to be saved ( See Matthew 13:23; Luke 5:14; Matthew 7:19).[ As an aside, this was the point of Jesus’ cursing of the fig tree in Mark chapter 11. The tree was barren, with NOTHING edible on it; so, in that case, nothing redeeming about it]. The “ Fruit of the Spirit” is that fruit. Love, joy, peace, faith, etc. are all the attributes of Christ , Himself; and the Holy Spirit will help develop those qualities in us, as disciples, through the Word of God, prayer, temptations and trials , which are tests, if we allow Him to do so. However, we still have a free will to make choices. The Holy Spirit will lead and guide us; but He will NEVER force us to do anything against our own wills. Our role is to submit to His guidance and promptings. If we become “ doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving your[ and /or our] own selves”( James 1:22); but followers of the Spirit of God’s leadings, we will find ourselves bearing “much[ good] fruit” (See John 15:5-8).