(Foundations of the Faith)

Welcome to the final week of class!

Learning Objectives:

That the student-disciple gain the understanding that each believer is a “joint” and/ or “band” in the Body of Christ that supplies some service or ministry within the church of the Lord Jesus Christ; and that all true ministry or service, regardless of type, flows from a strong relationship with, and commitment to, the Lord.

Things to do this week:

-Review the answers to Week 13’s questions.

-Reading Assignment: Ephesians 4:1-16; Mark 10:35-45; John 13:1-17; John 21:9-12; Acts 6:1-8; Acts 8:1-8; Acts, Ch.9; John 15:1-8; 

 I Corinthians 12:7-11;Galatians 3:28; 1 Peter 4:10-11

-Watch the video(s): “Kingdom Service”.

-Read “ Final Thoughts”.

-Consider this week’s questions; and submit the answers/ feedback by Friday, June 25th, 2021.


Sandra Thomas Brown

Final Thoughts

Ephesians 4:1-16 encapsulates and states the entire mission of the church. Christ went to the cross and was raised from the dead for our justification from sin, but also to give ministry/ministerial, spiritual( 1 Corinthians12), and motivational gifts( Romans 12) to the church for its unification, spiritual growth within the individual believers, and the edification of all believers in the Body of Christ by fellow Christians. Fulfilling this mission should be the goal of each individual congregation, and each individual believer in every congregation. However, that mission will be greatly hindered without the full commitment of all Christians in every congregation in the Body of Christ.

Each congregation has to assess honestly whether or not it is properly developing, and equipping /training its ministers and sheep, including through praying for them. Each individual believer has to honestly assess his or her commitment to learning God’s Word, practicing it; prayer; and seeking the Lord about how He wants to use him or her, and yielding to Him. The purpose of this class has been to cause you to be more informed about Bible truths and the Kingdom of God, but also to provoke or challenge each of you who studied the lessons and participated to develop a deeper relationship with the Lord, and to take your rightful place within the Body of Christ as the “joint” and “band” that God has called you to be. I pray that this class has helped you a little bit along that path.


Sandra Thomas Brown

Questions to Consider

1 How often do you attend church services/ Bible -Study , or because of the pandemic, how often do you participate in online services?

2 How often do you pray by yourself?

3 How often do you participate in prayer groups?

4 How often do you meditate in The Word of God?

5 Are you actively involved in some form of kingdom service in a church( minister, Sunday School teacher, deacon, bus ministry; food service;etc.?)

6 Were you engaged in some kind of kingdom service before the pandemic?

7Did you learn anything new from this class? If so, what was it or were they?

8 Has this class encouraged you to study God’s Word more, and pray more?

9 Has this class encouraged you to seek the Lord about how He may want to use you?

10 Is there any biblical topic that you have an interest in learning more about?


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